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Behind Administrative Airlia



Administrative, accountant and secretary. After ten years of experience and a great capacity of adaptation, used to lead a team, she decided five years ago to become a Freelance and who knows where she will go. At the moment, under the trade name of Airlia Administrativos, she has been an administrative, accountant and proactive secretary for almost fifteen years.

She does not stop training and accessing all the courses that come her way but, she considers that the training that has made her a great professional is the day to day lived in the working world.
You only have to meet her for half an hour to realize that her passion for her work almost surpasses her passion for life. She is not afraid of anything. Today, she is part of a group of professionals, which she calls TEAM with capital letters.


What we most identify with is that we were born with the intention of being the managers of your time. Time is the gold of life. For lack of it, sometimes we lose grants or subsidies that we can apply for.

The documentation to be filled in and presented at the time of processing these procedures is usually quite a lot. And it is necessary to carry out a delicate and conscientious work so that we do not miss absolutely nothing.

For that reason we help you in this aspect that can bring you an important economic relief.

In addition to managing grants and subsidies we can carry out practically any procedure you need in the administrations. Everything so that you can focus on your main work.

Professional Experience

I am Nuria, a passionate and dedicated professional with more than X years of experience in the administrative and accounting field.

Throughout my career, I have worked in different companies and sectors, which has allowed me to acquire versatile skills and knowledge to face diverse challenges.

My focus has always been to offer a high quality, efficient and personalized service, adapting to the needs of each client. At Airlia Administrativos, I put into practice all my experience to provide comprehensive solutions and help my clients focus on their core business while I take care of their administrative tasks.

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